Donna Palmer

Donna Palmer

Donna Palmer

After gaining a MChem in Chemistry at the University of Leicester, Donna went on to complete a PhD in Green and Sustainable Chemistry in 2006. After completing her PhD, within 3 years, Donna joined the UK Health and Environmental Research Institute, part of Pera Innovation Network ( ). Pera is a world leading research and technology organisation that supports small to medium sized enterprises to develop new products or ideas by accessing grant funding from UK or European public funding programmes for collaborative research and development projects. Donna has worked at Pera for 3 years and has been involved with all phases of a collaborative research project from the concept development stage to project management and completion. As part of the Health and Environmental Research Institute Donna has experience in a wide range of topics including, novel solvent processing, waste to energy, contaminated land, waste water treatment and biodegradable polymers.

Donna is currently working towards Chartered Chemist status and can answer questions about studying: Chemistry, Environmental Science and related fields.

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