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Zoe Lawson

Zoe LawsonAfter completing a degree in Biological Science, Zoe went on to study for a PhD in Biological Chemistry at The University of Birmingham. Her research looked at the biochemical structure of a receptor protein as a target for therapeutic drug design. Immediately after her PhD, Zoe completed a one-year business for science fellowship (The Medici Fellowship), where she acquired the business and innovation skills required for scientific technology transfer. Following this, Zoe went to work at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines, where she did a short research project looking at rice plant proteins. Zoe has since worked in the UK and Malaysia on a pan-European biotechnology project involving 10 EU countries and she currently works as Business Development Executive for Medicine and Health Sciences at The University of Nottingham. Zoe’s job involves helping the scientists and researchers at the university access funding for their work by building relationships with industry (e.g. pharmaceutical companies). Zoe is also hoping to start an MBA specialising in Healthcare at Nottingham Business School in September.

Zoe can answer questions about biology, chemistry, plant science and pharmacy.